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Thoughtful gift ideas for all 12 days of Christmas.

by Ragini Goyal 25 Dec 2023

Thoughtful gift ideas for all 12 days of Christmas.  

Christmas is just around the corner and if you're looking for a memorable gifting experience, consider giving a present for each of The Twelve Days of Christmas to your loved ones. There’s nothing more festive than opening a wrapped box of sparkling joy on Christmas morning. Choose from our specially curated edit of Beautiful Sapphire rings like our Prince Diana ring 

Yellow sapphire rings, Star sapphire rings, Montana sapphire rings, or Padparadscha sapphire, statement earrings, bling necklaces and many more with a Upto 60% off HOLIDAY SALE this Christmas. 

Use this list of gift ideas for each day as a path to your easy gifting guide. 

Day 1:

There are quite a few thoughtful gift ideas you can consider on the 1st day of this festive season. 

The best option could be starting with our minimal 18K Star Diamond Pendant Necklace  

Day 2:

The second day of Christmas is all about love and to express that love to your better half you can go with this beautiful 18K Gold Love Diamond Bracelet or this intricate 18K White Gold Sapphire Ring. The basics of buying a gift for someone is to consider their liking, personality, and habits. Make sure you choose your gift keeping these in mind. 

Day 3:

To Theme your gift over the 3rd day of Christmas(  the number 3 ) and to bring a smile to that special someone's face on the third day of Christmas, Choose this 3-set gem - 18K White Gold Moonstone Ring

Day 4: 

Did you know that the 4th day oChristmas is called “four calling birds” and  The Twelve Days of Christmas is believed to have originally referenced colly birds? So with inspiration from this,  you can base your gift on birds and sky and blue. 

Few products that would be the best fit here for you are, 

14K Gold Sapphire Ring

Day 5:
As the 5th day of festivity is literally known as “ Five Gold Rings “ we can’t recommend you more our chic and trendy stackable sapphire rings.

These are everything you could wish for in a Christmas gift box.

Some of our best sapphire stackable rings,


Day 6: 

For the 6th day of Christmas, combine geese and egg theme jewelry pieces. Consider these interesting options:

 Yellow Gold Multi Sapphire Ring


Day 7: 

For your 7th day also known as “ seven swans a-swimming,” you can consider the 6th-day options again or go one step ahead and get a customized piece for your special one. 

Some of our jewelry suggestions- 

White Gold Montana Sapphire Ring

Day 8: 

Christmas is getting close and there are a lot of possibilities for the eighth day of Christmas,  check out these options,

Ruby Emerald and Blue Sapphire Gemstone Bracelet

Day 9: 

Now As you browse through many options from all the beautiful jewellery collections, you should remember the recipient’s jewellery style and on this 9th day again consider their taste and give them something that’ll be most memorable for them. 

Day 10: 10 lords a-leaping

By this tenth day, your true special one is sure to be really excited to see what sparkling happiness you have chosen for them. With the selections below, they definitely won't be disappointed!


Gold Pink Sapphire Dangle Earrings

Day 11: 

Let's get creative for the 11th day of the gifting spree that you may be on and check out these specially curated special pieces to bring that kick into the mix. 

 Gold Multi Gemstone Panther Earring

Day 12: 

Now let’s make this final day the most memorable for your loved one and let’s get the most special of the pieces that we saved for you for this day be the ones that bring true joy on your person’s face this Christmas. 

Yellow Gold Ruby & Emerald, Sapphire Ring

Whoever you choose to make feel special with expensive or inexpensive presents, by incorporating The Twelve Days of Christmas into your holiday, you're sure to create happy memories and establish a lasting holiday tradition and joy with that individual or your family. 

Happy Christmas and Happy Gifting. 

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