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Customer Service 1 (347) 203-8471

Lifetime Warranty

We strive to ensure utmost customer satisfaction at all times. We stand behind our products and warrant that all jewelry pieces will be free from manufacturing defects. Every item sold on our site is crafted using materials of exceptional quality and is inspected thoroughly before shipment.

Repair or resizing work done by any jeweler other than VR will render the warranty services void.

If you feel that there is a problem with your jewelry or need to avail of any other service that is not included in Lifetime Warranty, you may return it back to us for inspection.* After the evaluation is completed, we will notify you of service charges (if applicable) before repairing your jewelry.

Please contact us on +1 (347) 203-8471 or if you have any queries about our Lifetime Warranty

*VR reserves the right to change its policies without any prior notice.

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