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Give Yourself An Instant Refresh This Fall With These Effortless Bracelet Trends

by Ragini Goyal 24 Oct 2023


The best part about Bracelets? It can Complete your outfit in an instant. Whether it’s a hot summer beach look, a winter vintage fashion style, a formal meeting look, or styling an exotic outfit, adding an 18k Gold Bracelet ( or bracelets ) can instantly up your style. 
As we are headed into the Fall Season, we bring you some gorgeous bracelet trends that are here to STAY and will help you SLAY this 2022. 


From party jewels and bedazzled pieces to arm cuffs and colorful gems, we have every staple Fine jewelry for you in our inventory 

1) Charm Bracelets

 If you're looking for a long-lasting fancy gold bracelet for women that is versatile and minimal for almost every casual occasion, our Charm Bracelets are the ones to bet on in an instant. 


Our Charm Bracelets come in many colorful gems and styles to complement each and every one of your outfits. These 18k bracelets are minimal in their aura and radiate a sense of luxury and charm to the eyes of the admirer. 
 You can pair these versatile charms with our 18K Gold Diamond Necklace or our 14K Gold Paper Clip Diamond Earrings. 

2) Carter Bracelet

The Carter Bracelet challenges the traditional notions of Gold Jewellery with its rugged tiny gold screws and bold design. Designed not to be taken off on a daily basis, the carter bracelets are made to display love and bond as it is secured on your wrist or the one you love, with its own screwdriver. 


It has been a favourite piece of jewelry among most for a significant period of time and these 18k bracelets are here to stay. 

3) Pandora bracelet 

This Gold Jewellery is commonly known for its signature snake chain made out of many little rings twisted very tightly into the chain. Create your new go-to look with Pandora Bracelets that feature alluring colorful gemstones and a snake chain link, perfect to bring out that diva in you. 


4) Gold Bracelet With Personalized Message


If you’re looking to wear something personalized on a daily basis or you wish to surprise your special one with a gift that connects with the heart, Vr Jewels has got your back with our personalized gold 18k bracelets that offer an artistic yet personalized feel to your jewelry that won’t let you take it off at all. 


Being unisex, personalized jewelry pieces are the most appropriate choice for a gift.


5) Stackable Bangles

Gold Bangles are a staple versatile piece of Fine jewelry that every guy or gal has to have in their accessories collection. They're sleek and minimal, and add just the right touch of sparkle to every outfit it goes on. Gold Bangles have a classic versatility to them, whether you wear them single or stack them with other bracelets or gold bangles, it aces the look every single time. 
For an everyday outfit, our Stackable Bangles Collection is a casual yet fresh & elegant way to accessorize this fall. 

Tip - 
When buying a new Gold Bracelet, it should always be well-fitted and there should not be more than a thumb space between your wrist and the bracelet.
and the bracelet.
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